I have been having Kerry Sheridan do my photo developing for many years. Besides routine color developing, I’ve entrusted her with speciality work such as my family geneology project. She has done photo restoration, prints from types, copy prints of pictures without negatives. She has event turned an old 33 mm film from the 1930’s into a VHS tape and now recently even into a DVD. It’s amazing to see an ancestry in action doing blacksmithing. Without Kerry’s special handling these projects could not be done. I could never entrust these fragile one of a kind items to the mall or some chain store clerk.

Louanne W.

As a Professional Photographer, Kerry’s Warwick Photo really enables me to provide my customers with the very best images possible. It is not just about taking the photos, but this look of the final product as well. I could never get the quality and service like that at CVS or Walmart.

Seth Francis
Team Photo Shots Photography

Thank you Kerry for all your hard work and attention to detail always on my pictures. Most especially; my recent tricky ½ frame slides from 40 years ago, and so important to me, are great to have now in print and on CD. I’m sure your ethic of excellence brings you as much joy as it does your customers.

Dee K.

Kerry Warwick Photo is a wonderful local business. The customer service, and quality of work is amazing. I have had personally compared a print from her shop to one from a local pharmacy chain, and hers was brighter, clearer and sharper. She has done wonderful restoration work for me. If you have not been to her shop, and experienced her work, then I believe you should. I would and have highly recommended for friends and co-workers to go to her before anywhere else.

Mary D.